Beer manufacturing in Tērvete
begins in 1971.

Beer manufacturing "Tērvete" begins in 1971.

During time brewery was growing and developing. Thanks to the brewery workers susceptibility and love for this product, Tērvete beer has gained wide recognition among Latvian beer connoisseurs.

History   Assessments

Our Beer Masters highlights
old virtues

Beer "Tērvete" is made of carefully selected, locally grown raw materials and experience of our experts that is collected during many decades. Te role of beer "Tērvete" in market of Latvia is not measured in market share or sold liters. The main value is the taste of beer, which is popular in Latvia and beyond its borders.

It is important for us to produce a reliable product. The quality approval is a nationally recognized trademark "Quality Product Latvia" or "Green Spoon", granted to beer "Tērvete".

All brewing processes are carefully controlled through the HACCP or food safety system, but the most important factor is our brewery specialists who know and respect the true taste of beer.


A new brewery "Tērvete" was born

First beer "Senču" is produced
in summer solstice.



The first kolkhoz brewery in Latvia, which enters the market to compete with state supported factorys in bottled beer manufacturing. Brewery "Tērvete ", as an auxiliary production sector of kolkhoz "Tērvete", begins its activities under strict conditions: only barley grown in kolkhoz can be processed, but the labor force should not be from the kolkhoz workers.

Malt production is underway. The malt plant with a capacity of 1.5 tons per day was designed by LLA teachers. The whole process was handmade. The brewery equipment was manufactured in Latvia and served until 2015. The fermentation of the beer took place in the black metal tub that were replaced in the 80s against stainless steel tanks. At that time all equipment was manufactured in Latvia.

At the beginning the beer was filled in wooden barrels. „Tērvete” was first small brewery, that started beer filling in 0.5 l glass bottles. Beer filling line was manufactured in Russia with a capacity of 3000 bottles per hour. All handmade: 8 workers, 2 equipment regulators, work in one shift. Brewerys total capacity was 180 000 decaliters per year.


Producing a new beer variety "Tērvetes"
A beer that quickly conquered peoples appreciation and became demanded. Also, in tastings it received the highest rating many times. Our specialists supplemented the knowledge at the Moscow Institute of Beer, but malt issues were clarified in Ļvov.


Company starts to expand!

The early 90s was a period in Latvia when new technological breakthrough could be done by many breweries and it was used also by brewery "Tērvete". It was a time when the latest technological information should only be gained from magazines that come out in Russia.

At the beginning of Latvia's independence, great opportunities were offered in our sector as well. Our specialists went to the brewery in West Germany. It was a very valuable investment in the development of our brewery.


A bottling line from Germany was set up.


We start filtering the beer, until then we separated the beer. Beer filters greatly improved the quality of beer.


We start filling the draft beer in KEG type barrels, which is an important condition for improving the quality of beer.


A new washing and filling machines for KEG barrels was installed and it works till 2014.

With Europe Union pre-accession fund SPRAD support brewery builds a new and modern CKT (central control tank) beer cellar with 16 tanks and sets up a new bottling line with capacity 6000 bottles per hour. This gave an opportunity to increase production volume.

New beer variety was created - "Tērvetes "Oriģinālais”, that is stronger beer with more intensive flavor bouquet and produced in longer maturing result. In 2005 the ministry of Agriculture rewarded our brewery with "Quality flag" which represents the hight quality and value of product.

2002.- 2005.

New beer cellar and bottling line.

We start to produce a new beer variety "Oriģinālais".

2011.- 2012.

"Tērvete" becomes a favor brand.

New visual identity.

New beer varietys.

In 40 years Tērvete Beer has conquered not only store shelves, but also people's hearts. The demand for the product has increased every year. Over the years, the company's core values have stabilized and become more visible.

Brand "Tērvete" symbolize Latvian fields, respect of ancestral values, high quality and ecological thinking. New slogan "Come from own land!” was made.

Respecting the recommendations of many beer experts and lovers, a new product was created - unfiltered beer containing natural deposits (yeasts, proteins).


The second CKT beer cellar with 12 tanks has been built.


A new and modern wort production line was set up. It is equipped with modern and twice more powerful technology which can produce 42 m3 of beer worth in twenty-four hours.

To make a beer assortment more diverse new flavor was created - Tērvete "Dark" beer. For creation of these beer used three different kinds of malt (light, caramelized and roasted).

A new technological line for Kvass production was built. Starting to manufacture two varieties of kvass - kvass Tērvete "Saimes" and kvass Tērvete "Godu".

A large warehouse for finished products was built. We can accommodate up to 1 000 000 bottles that contain 500 m3 of beer.


A modern PET bottle blow and bottling line with a capacity of 6,000 bottles / hour has been installed. Kvass filling in PET bottles is started.

A new product - drinking water is now a part of our assortment. Water is obtained from the underground water deposit approx. 60 m deep.

2014.- 2016.

A rapid development and significant investment period.

Starting to manufacture kvass and water.

Brewery assessments

We are satisfied and proud of high appreciation we get from the beer makeing professionals and our loyal customers. As time passed many titles, awards and diplomas was received, they all reminds of our work investment and creates a history of beer "Tērvete".

  • 2017
    Latvijas Alus gada balva
    Lielākais alus tirdzniecības kāpums veikalu grupā 2017
  • 2016
    Starptautisks konkurss „Baltic Beer Star”
    sudraba medaļa
  • 2016
    Latvijas Alus gada balva
    Gada veiksminieks 2016
  • 2016
    Starptautisks konkurss „Baltic Beer Star”
    bronzas medaļa
  • 2016
    Starptautisks konkurss „Baltic Beer Star”
    sudraba medaļa
  • 2016
    Latvijas Alus gada balva
  • 2016
    Latvijas Alus gada balva
  • 2015
    Starptautisks konkurss „Baltic Beer Star”
    zelta medaļa
  • 2014
    Latvijas Alus gada balva
    Gada veiksminieks 2014
  • 2014
    Latvijas Alus gada balva
  • 2013
    Latvijas Alus gada balva
  • 2011
    Latvijas Tirgotāju Asociācija
    Gada prece 2011
  • 2011
    Latvijas Alus gada balva
    Gada etiķete 2011
  • 2011
    Latvia beer fest
    Garšīgākais alus 3. vieta
  • 2010
    Latvijas Tirgotāju Asociācija
    Gada prece 2010