The Tervete brewery accepts empty beer bottles every day from 8:00 to 16:30. The refund for one bottle is 0.06 euros including VAT.

We offer beer in KEG barrels with the necessary dispensing equipment. To find out more, contact us: +371 22014151.

To find out about cooperation opportunities, please contact us. – Here

Due to the epidemiological situation in the country, we are currently not accepting guests. Follow our news both on the website and on social networks Facebook and Instagram to find out the latest information!

In our Saime stores in Kronauce and Dobele.

Learn more about water bottle exchange points here.

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Accounting department:

Yes, there is a store at TĒRVETE brewery; however, due to the epidemiological situation in the country, it is temporarily closed. Follow us on our website, Facebook and Instagram for the latest information!