1971 1971

We start producing our first beer – Senču!

We were the first collective farm brewery in Latvia to compete with the state-run beer plants. The brewery, as a supplemental production at the TĒRVETE collective farm, began to work under strict conditions: only barley grown on the collective farm could be processed, and only people working on the collective farm could work at the brewery. In the first year of operation, we started the production of malt; the whole process was manual. We brewed beer in black metal vessels, which were replaced in the 80s with stainless steel tanks.

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Tervete – the first company to start bottling beer in 0.5 l glass bottles


Production capacity – 3 000 bottles per hour

The whole brewing process is hand work

1975 1975

The production of a new sort of TĒRVETE beer has started

The production of a new sort of TĒRVETE beer has started. The beer quickly gained popularity and high marks from beer lovers during tastings. Striving for excellence, our specialists continued to expand their knowledge at the Moscow Beer Institute and in Lvov.

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New sort of Tervete beer

1995 - 2000 1995 - 2000

An important stage in our development.

In the early 90s, several Latvian breweries had the opportunity to make a significant step towards technological growth – and we were among them! At that time, information about new technologies could only be obtained from printed publications from Russia.   With the beginning of the independence of Latvia, the time for the development of the beer industry began. Our specialists traveled to West Germany; their knowledge served as a valuable contribution to the development of our brewery.

Did you know that you can also buy TĒRVETES beer in 30-liter KEG barrels?

New bottling line from Germany


Beer filtration started


Bottling of draft beer in KEG barrels has begun


Equipment for washing and filling into KEG barrels installed

2002 - 2005 2002 - 2005

New beer cellar and bottling area.
The production of a new sort of beer TĒRVETES Originalais has been started.

With funds from the EU Accession Fund SAPARD, we built a modern beer cellar with 16 tanks and installed a new bottling line with a capacity of 6,000 bottles per hour. It allowed us to significantly increase the production volumes.   A new variety – TĒRVETES Originalais – has been created. This is our strongest beer with a more pronounced bouquet, resulting from a long maturation. In 2005, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Marketing Board awarded our brewery with the “Seal of Excellence” for producing excellent products.

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New bottling line with a capacity of 6000 bottles per hour

New beer TĒRVETES Originalais

The Ministry of Agriculture awarded the Tervete Brewery with the Quality Seal

2011 - 2012 2011 - 2012

TĒRVETE becomes the most loved brand!

New superb beers and a new visual style! For 40 years, TĒRVETES beer has conquering store shelves and people’s hearts. Demand for our brewing products continued to grow. As the core values ​​of the company were formed, we created the TĒRVETE brand, which embodies the spirit of rural Latvia, based on respect for the true values ​​inherited from our ancestors. As the company developed, a new visual product design was developed and a slogan was created that symbolizes our values ​​– Comes form own land! Having listened to our beer lovers, we added a novelty to TĒRVETES range – unfiltered beer with natural sediment.

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new visual design and slogan – Comes form own land!

new product – unfiltered beer

2014 - 2016 2014 - 2016

The time of rapid development and major investments.
Production of kvass and drinking water has started.

A new basement with 12 barrel containers.  A beer workshop equipped with modern technologies was launched, twice as powerful as the previous one, with a capacity of 42 cubic meters of wort per day. In order to expand the assortment offered to fans of our beer, we started the production of TĒRVETE Tumšais dark beer, which is made using three types of malt – pale, caramelized and roasted. Also, a technological line for the production of kvass was introduced and the production of two varieties of kvass – Saimes and Godu – was launched. As the product range grew, we built a vast warehouse for one million bottles with a total volume of 500 cubic meters of beer. In 2016, a line for making and filling PET-bottles with a capacity of 6,000 bottles per hour was installed. Bottling of kvass into PET-bottles has begun. The production of TĒRVETE drinking water from the own groundwater deposits at a depth of about 60 meters, has also begun.

new sort of dark beer TĒRVETE Tumšais

two new varieties of Saimes and Godu kvass

new powerful equipment for the production of PET bottles

TĒRVETE drinking water

an extensive warehouse of finished products for 1,000,000 bottles

2016 - 2021 2016 - 2021

TĒRVETE brewery continues to develop and celebrates its 50th anniversary!

A time of rapid growth and development, when the TĒRVETE brewery won recognition and respect in our country and far abroad. We love our brand, preserve and develop our technologies and expand and improve the range of our products so that you can enjoy a variety of tastes! With respect and love to what we have already done, and with a responsible and purposeful look into the future, we continue our development, creating drinks based on traditions.

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

two types of Radler beer drinks - grapefruit-blackcurrant and sea-buckthorn-melon