Comes from own land!

What unites us?

We inspire, develop and strengthen pride in our Latvia creating products from local natural ingredients. We create taste and refreshment to our friends and customers to make everyone happy!

In what direction are we moving?

We contribute to the future by constantly evolving and acting responsibly. We save resources and put quality first. We act with integrity, and our strength lies in tradition.


TĒRVETE Brewery was built in 1971 starting the production of the famous and appreciated beer. Over time, the brewery grew, the assortment expanded. Today we offer not only beer, but also kvass, drinking water, cocktails and spices. Not resting on our laurels, we are thinking about new drinks in order to offer customers the best that the Latvian land can give.

TĒRVETE Brewery is a part of the Agrolats group, which brings together companies with the same values, approach to business development, and a common goal – to create a sustainable business environment in Latvia for the sake of common economic development.

TĒRVETE Brewery is born in Latvia. Over the past 10 years more than 15 million euros were invested in the company allowed Tervete to become the fastest growing beverage producer in Latvia, as evidenced by the volume of beverages produced in 2020 – 10 thousand cubic meters!

We are proud that almost all raw materials used in production are grown in Latvia, in our own family of companies.

15 milj.

units per year


An average of 60 employees


The most favorite brand of beer in Latvia

Valters Paškausks

Valters Paskausks

JSC TērvetesAL Chairman of the Board

Valters started working at the brewery in 2014 as a fermentation technologist, responsible for all stages of the brewing process. After spending several years as the Chairman of the Board of JSC TĒRVETE, he sees the company as his second home full of mutual care and family atmosphere.

“The creative environment reigning here always promotes development and arouses interest in everything related to the beer industry. I really appreciate the dynamic rhythm of work, which allows everyone to be in constant motion and does not let you get bored for a minute. I am also happy to meet new and interesting people here every day. In my opinion, the company is the best teacher – it motivates and creates a desire to constantly learn something new, be aware of both the industry and the business environment in general. The products that I personally create and the results that the company achieves are one of the most important sources of satisfaction that creates true well-being.”

Asked about the priorities that employees value most, Valters says they are perseverance, entrepreneurial spirit, desire to learn, develop and achieve a sense of satisfaction, ability to understand others, true compassion and supporting each other.

Speaking of three basic life principles that are important both for himself and for others, Valters advises:

Don't be afraid of challenges because they make you stronger!

Treat others the way you want them to treat you!

Get inspired by what you do!

Anita Krage

Brewery Tērvete technologist since 1971.

Anita started working at the Tervete Brewery in February 1971, when the equipment was not yet installed at the brewery itself, and at her workplace in the laboratory consisted of nothing more than a desk. Anita can still be found here –on weekly tastings every Mondays; she is also in charge of technological issues and quality control. When asked what this place means to her, Anita says that the brewery is her own child, because she has spent her whole life here.

“I have always been pleased to see the support of my colleagues in my vision of what TĒRVETES beer should be. Support, encouragement and, yes, positive feedback from the team helped me strive for excellence. I am very happy to see how our brewery is developing. The dreams and goals we once had are now visible here in tangible form. Every day now I can only enjoy everything I see.

The basis of our success story, in my opinion, is the fact that we met people with similar principles and values, and also thanks to our perseverance – we have always been demanding in terms of quality, taste, without compromising even in details. At all times, this helped us stand out and win. I remember how we always thanked each employee for the achievements. During all the difficult moments we got together to agree on how and what to do next.

I have always lived by the principle – do not put yourself above others, you must reckon with any of the employees, regardless of position and profession.. The strength is in the team, not in the person.

Vilnis Krievkalns

Mechanical engineer, at the brewery since 1979.

Vilnis has been working at the brewery since 1979 and has been a chief engineer for 30 years. Having received his education, Vilnis worked for some time in Riga, but really wanted to live in the Latvian countryside. Returning to his homeland was natural. When asked why this particular brewery and what underlies such long-term love, Vilnis replies:

“From an early age, I worked here in the summer because my mother was an accountant for the company. Even then, I saw the pride of the workers for TĒRVETE beer, for the quality they could provide. If the shelf life of other beers in those ancient times was 7 days, then Tervete – 9 days. Pride has accompanied me all these years, and my goal at work has always been to maintain high level of quality. And this is not only my goal; people here always cared about the TĒRVETE brand, were a little fanatical and lived with the goal of constant improvement. Even now, as a new generation enters the workforce, we are trying to pass on these important values ​​to them.”

According to Vilnis, the formula for success is quite simple – one in the field is not a warrior, a team is always needed. Do what you like from the bottom of your heart, and then everything will definitely work out!